Episode 01. The Making of Illiberal Hegemony in Hungary with Gábor Scheiring and Kristóf Szombati

March 11, 2021 David Karas Season 1 Episode 1
Episode 01. The Making of Illiberal Hegemony in Hungary with Gábor Scheiring and Kristóf Szombati
Show Notes

In this episode, I am joined by two Hungarian scholars, Gábor Scheiring from Bocconi University and Kristóf Szombati from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Gábor and Kristóf have worked extensively together in opposition politics but also in academia, co-authoring multiple papers on the political economy of Hungary. We discuss together the ideology and class-coalitions sustaining Hungary’s current authoritarian regime. We talk about racism, labor exploitation, democratic suppression - but also social policy initiatives such as the Public Works Program, which solved unemployment by making the state an employer of last resort… with far-reaching political consequences. Join us!

You can follow Gábor's work at: www.gaborscheiring.com and @gscheiring on Twitter

You can follow Kristóf's work at: https://eth-mpg.academia.edu/KristofSzombati?fbclid=IwAR2dr07TBsar124dpiOnYtudKV5pSJyzRoaWxOKE3t4boTdXHR6fYR6c1og

Check out their respective books:



... And recent publications:

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Szombati, Kristóf, and Anna Szilágyi. 2020. Enemy in the Making. The Language of “Anti-Sorosism” in the U.S. and Hungary. Political Research Associates.  Available at: https://tinyurl.com/39kkkm6t

Further Readings:

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